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Planting Doctorates: Inside the Plant Gene Expression Center

A greenhouse, clear, next to a large, gumdrop-shaped tree.
PMB graduate student Nanticha Lutt shares a photo essay that gives an inside look into life at the Plant Gene Expression Center.

How do you cultivate a healthy plant microbiome?

Two fingers holding up a petri dish with the imprint of a leaf formed by bacteria.
Steven Lindow, a professor in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, co-authored a study on the microbiome of commercial tomatoes.

Genomic gymnastics help sorghum plant survive drought

A new study from CE specialist Peggy Lemaux highlights the way in which sorghum crops can change the expression of their genes to adapt to drought.

Molecular Mimicry

The latest issue of Breakthroughs magazine highlights PMB professor Britt Glaunsinger and her work researching complex viruses.

Plant biologist, farmer, and grandmother: an interview with Sarah Hake

Photo of a woman in a garden.
Hake, a PMB faculty member and director of the Plant Gene Expression Center, reflects on her storied career in science.

Dhruv Patel selected as an FFAR Fellow

Dhruv Patel standing in front of a Green background.
Patel is one of seventeen fellows chosen by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

Yangnan Gu Joins PMB Faculty

Yagnan Gu smiling in front of a tree.
Gu's research focuses on the protein landscape of the plant nuclear membrane.

Arash Komeili Named Bakar Fellow

Arash Komeili smiling in front of a yellow background.

Professor Arash Komeili has joined the ranks of...

Adviser Q&A: Rocío Sanchez

Get to know Rocio Sanchez, graduate adviser in PMB!

2019 PMB faculty retirements

Steven Lindow and Peter Quail smiling in separate photos.
The department recognizes Steven Lindow and Peter Quail on their retirement.