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Exploring Intricacies of Interconnectedness with the Study of Plant Microbiomes

In this Berkeley Graduate Division blog post, Heidi Wipf discuses her research in Devin Coleman-Derr's Lab.

Walking with Wildflowers

Pacific Crest Trail hikers help gather phenological data for Benjamin Blackman's lab.

2019 Zhang Awards

Every year, PMB awards the major citation to the top graduating undergraduate student in...

Recognizing Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

PMB Graduate students Michael Belcher, Martin Alexander, Brianna Haining, Dhruv Patel, and Siwen Deng recognized as outstanding Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) for excellence in teaching.

New research on Neurospora crassa cell-to-cell communication

A new study in Genetics from Professor N. Louise Glass is a highlight in the April edition of the journal.

London’s Royal Society elects two from CNR

Brian Staskawicz stands in a lab next to a plant and a microscope
Professor Brian Staskawicz is a newly-elected foreign member of the Royal Society of London.

CNR seeks graduate student Science Communications Intern

An illustration of a strand of DNA
The College of Natural Resources is searching for a graduate student to join its office of communications.

Microbial Prospecting: The Search for Marine Bacteria with Quirky Metabolisms

Photo of a boat in a marina.
Grad student Victor Reyes-Umaña's research takes him to the Berkeley Marina in search of unique aquatic bacteria.

College of Natural Resources photo contest

A camera on a tripod facing a mountain range
Submit your best CNR-related images for a chance to win prizes and to have your work featured online and in print.

Perennial Explorer: A Profile of Neelima Sinha

Photo of Neelima Sinha.
The UC Davis botanist is a Berkeley alumna who worked in Sarah Hake's lab, focusing on the genetics of plant development.