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MAD Science - Understanding Cellular Signaling

"Acceleration without restraint" can be disastrous


Starving Out the Enemy

Mary Wildermuth's research combats mildew attacks


A Win-Win for Farmers and the Environment

PMB Researchers explore ways to reduce the use of fertilizers


Ksenia Krasileva selected as a Moore Inventor Fellow

Krasivela wearing a suit, standing in front of a room with wood panels
Professor Krasileva was recognized as a scientist-inventor by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Student Spotlight: Neem Patel

Neem Patel standing in front of a large tree.
In this month’s Student Spotlight, graduate student Neem Patel tells us about setting forest fires, the importance of community in science, and her hope to have a career in an environmentally-focused industry.

X-rays of ancient sunflowers reveal their domestication roots

PMB professor Benjamin Blackman researches sunflower history in collaboration with Michigan State University.

Applications now open for assistant professors in the life sciences at Berkeley

UC Berkeley invites researchers early in their career to apply for the role of assistant professor in the Life Sciences division.

Bringing Science to the Masses, One Beer at a Time

At a cozy watering hole in downtown Oakland, California, budding scientists wield an unconventional weapon to help fight ...

PMB welcomes new faculty

Headshots of Ksenia Krasileva and Sabeeha Merchant.
Two new faculty members, Ksenia Krasileva and Sabeeha Merchant, join PMB in 2018.

N. Louise Glass Named Fellow of Mycological Society of America

The fellowship recognizes mid-career members who have contributed significantly to the field...