Research Staff

Rachel Adams in front of lab bench

Project Scientist | Bruns and Taylor Lab
Devon Birdseye

Research Assistant
Jennifer Blancas, Lab Manager

Lab Manager | Glaunsinger Lab
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Research Associate | Freeling Lab
George Chuck

Associate Researcher | Hake Lab
Judy Chung

Lab Manager - Tom Bruns and John Taylor Labs
Doug Dahlbeck

Lab Manager/Research Specialist - Staskawicz Lab
Anna Engelbrektson

Staff Research Associate/Lab Manager - Coates Lab

Assistant Project Scientist | Martinez-Gomez Lab
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Technician | Niyogi Lab

Lab Staff | Lewis Lab
Marilyn Kobayashi

Lab Manager | Niyogi Lab
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Staff Research Associate | Lindow Lab
Lee Mi Yeon

Plant Growth Research Associate

Lab Staff | Brenner Lab
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Research Associate | Kerfeld Lab

Lab Staff | Lemaux Lab
Kenny Mok

Associate Specialist/Lab Manager - Taga Lab
Weimin Ni

Associate Specialist | Quail Lab
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Lab Staff - Staskawicz Lab
Placeholder Photograph

Research Administrator Assistant - Brenner Lab

Lab Manager | Terry Lab
Plant Ecophysiology
Dominica Rohozinski

Science Research Associate | Harmon Lab
Steve Ruzin

Director, College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility
Denise Schichnes

Lab Scientist | College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility

Associate Project Specialist | Coates Lab
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Visiting Scholar | Luan Lab
Jeffrey Tung

Research Assistant | Baker Lab
Picture Coming Soon.

Researcher - Bruns Lab
Juliet Welch

Researcher | Glass Lab
Hsu-Ching Wintz

Research Specialist - Melis Lab
Yu Zhang

Assistant Specialist | Quail Lab
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Specialist | Zambryski Lab