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Molecular Mimicry

The latest issue of Breakthroughs magazine highlights PMB professor Britt Glaunsinger and her work researching complex viruses.

Plant biologist, farmer, and grandmother: an interview with Sarah Hake

Photo of a woman in a garden.
Hake, a PMB faculty member and director of the Plant Gene Expression Center, reflects on her storied career in science.

Apply Now for Graduate Programs

The application submission deadline is December 2, 2019, 11:59:59 Eastern Time (ET)....

Dhruv Patel selected as an FFAR Fellow

Dhruv Patel standing in front of a Green background.
Patel is one of seventeen fellows chosen by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

Yangnan Gu Joins PMB Faculty

Yagnan Gu smiling in front of a tree.
Gu's research focuses on the protein landscape of the plant nuclear membrane.

Arash Komeili Named Bakar Fellow

Arash Komeili smiling in front of a yellow background.

Professor Arash Komeili has joined the ranks of...

Adviser Q&A: Rocío Sanchez

Get to know Rocio Sanchez, graduate adviser in PMB!

2019 PMB faculty retirements

Steven Lindow and Peter Quail smiling in separate photos.
The department recognizes Steven Lindow and Peter Quail on their retirement.

New research illuminates calcium's role for plant immunity

two scientists examine a plant in a lab
A study in Nature from Sheng Luan’s lab highlights the long-sought-after calcium channel that connects calcium nutrition and disease resistance in plants.

Berkeley conference illuminates scientific history and its applications

 Gordon Pherribo, a PMB PhD candidate, and Santiago J. Molina, a Department of Sociology PhD candidate
Gordon Pherribo and Santiago J. Molina speak about bridging sociological and scientific research in ethical decisions