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New coronavirus video explains molecular virology

Graphic of SARS coronavirus
Professor Britt Glaunsinger discusses the genetics, evolution, and virulence of coronaviruses.

Professor Sabeeha Merchant receives Moore Foundation Investigator Award

Portrait of Sabeeha Merchant
The award supports highly innovative research with the potential to advance the understanding of aquatic symbioses.

Mary Wildermuth's outreach program receives Campus-Community Partnership Award

Portrait of Mary Wildermuth in her lab with plants
The "Be A Scientist" program brings Berkeley researchers into public schools to strengthen science curriculum and mentor students.

College of Natural Resources receives $50 million naming gift

Gordon Rausser portrait, sitting in garden
The gift from former dean Gordon Rausser will support the College’s mission to take on economic, social, environmental, and health challenges.

How the monkeyflower gets its spots

Photo of a monkeyflower.
A new study from assistant professor Benjamin Blackman uncovers the genetic makeup of the monkeyflower, a key species for pollinators.

Planting Doctorates: Inside the Plant Gene Expression Center

A greenhouse, clear, next to a large, gumdrop-shaped tree.
PMB graduate student Nanticha Lutt shares a photo essay that gives an inside look into life at the Plant Gene Expression Center.

How do you cultivate a healthy plant microbiome?

Two fingers holding up a petri dish with the imprint of a leaf formed by bacteria.
Steven Lindow, a professor in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, co-authored a study on the microbiome of commercial tomatoes.

Genomic gymnastics help sorghum plant survive drought

A new study from CE specialist Peggy Lemaux highlights the way in which sorghum crops can change the expression of their genes to adapt to drought.

Molecular Mimicry

The latest issue of Breakthroughs magazine highlights PMB professor Britt Glaunsinger and her work researching complex viruses.

Plant biologist, farmer, and grandmother: an interview with Sarah Hake

Photo of a woman in a garden.
Hake, a PMB faculty member and director of the Plant Gene Expression Center, reflects on her storied career in science.