Conference Room Reservations

Reservations can  be made through May 31, 2022. 

The department offers five conference rooms and offices. PMB and affiliates may request a reservation directly using the Koshland Hall Room Reservation Form. If you need help with a room reservation or room set-up, please contact the PMB Front Desk at We do not have in-person person scheduling at this time.  We are also not accepting non-affiliate reseravations at this time.

  • Please check to make sure your reservation is confirmed and correct (confirmation takes 1-2 days). 
  • After hours access to rooms: Exclusive to PMB employees, faculty, postdocs, and staff. You will need to use your CAL 1 Card to access the building off-hours. Administrative Staff support will not be able to assist you after-hours. Non-PMB employee/faculty/staff after-hours (after 5 pm) room reservation requests will not be accommodated.
  • PMB conference rooms may not be used to schedule regular classes.

When using a conference room, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Please turn the lights off when you leave.
  • Please leave the room in better condition than you found it. Throw away trash, drinks, food. Please wipe down tables if you had food or drinks, and clean up any spills. Wipe and clean whiteboards. Remove any agendas or handouts.
  • Room configuration. If you move furniture for your meeting, you must move it back to its original set-up
  • Report any issues here:
  • Room Reservation Changes & Cancellations: If your meeting time is changed or canceled, please email the front office at to let us know so others can use the room.


The return to campus guidelines are as follows:

  • There are no more restrictions on meetings/meeting size as long as everyone continues to wear masks indoors
  • 6' distancing goes away, as long as anyone on campus who has not yet uploaded their vaccination card to UHS is getting tested once/week.  
  • The daily symptom screener is still required for anyone coming to campus, regardless of vaccination status.  Visitors must complete the screener as well.
  •  Masks continue to be required indoors, regardless of vaccination status, unless you are alone in a room with the door shut. This will continue through July 12 when a new system will be in place to confirm who needs to continue wearing a mask.
  • Full details available here.

All employees/students on campus must still:

  • Do the daily symptom screener (visitors too)
  • Upload their vaccination card or get tested weekly
  • Take the EH&S 207 training 
  • More details on the campus COVID19 website.

The two conference rooms in the main office will be added for reservations starting August 10.
All questions and concerns should be directed to

Quick Links:


Room Reservation Calendar


Conference Room Details

Room Number (follow links for additional photos) Maximum Capacity Table Whiteboard / Chalkboard Projector and pull-down Screen Digital Screen
111E 8 ✔ (1) ✔ (1)
111F 8 ✔ (1) ✔ (1)  
274 25 ✔ (1) ✔ (2)  
338 75 ✔ (modular table - flexible configuration) ✔ (1)  
438 25 ✔ (1) ✔ (2)  



Koshland Hall Conference Rooms Available:

Koshland Hall 111E - Open to new reservations on August 1, 2021

Koshland Hall 111F Conference Room Photo


Koshland Hall 111F -  Open to new reservations on August 1, 2021

Koshland Hall 111F Conference Room Photo


Koshland Hall 274

Koshland Hall 274 Conference Room Layout Photo

Koshland Hall conference room 274. Room capacity: 8 chairs around table, with 12 extra chairs along side. Table: Central rectangle. Whiteboard: 2. Projector set-up: yes. Accessible from Koshland Hall elevators and stairs.



Koshland Hall 338

Koshland Hall 338 Conference Room Layout Photo

Koshland Hall conference room 338. Maximum room capacity: 75. Approximately 60 chairs available, with 18 fitting around central table. Table: Configurable modular central table composed of 6 rectangle tables, and 2 half circle end tables. 2 6 ft folding tables are also set at one end of the conference room. Chalkboard: 1. Projector set-up: yes. Accessible via Koshland Hall elevators and stairs.



Koshland Hall 438

Koshland Hall 438 Conference Room Layout Photo

Koshland Hall conference room 438. Maximum room capacity: 25. 17 chairs available, with 10 chairs fitting around central table. Table: Oval table. Chalkboard: 1. Whiteboard: 1. Projector set-up: yes. Accessible via Koshland Hall elevators and stairs.


PMB Conference Room Reservation Policy

Annual Timeline

In June, PMB staff will add priority department meetings to the PMB conference room calendars for the next academic year, including:

  • Wednesday Seminar alternate space -  338 Koshland 11:30-1:30 p.m.
  • Faculty Meetings - 338 Koshland, 11a-2:30p, 2nd Tues of the month
  • Grad Student Orientation - 338 Kosh all day August 18-14 (tentative)
  • Grad Recruitment Weekend - all conference rooms, all day,date TBD
  • Profs on Parade Class dates - MTW 4-6pm, TBD
  • Monday Grad/Postdoc Seminar -  338  Koshland,  11:30-1:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday all-day reservation for seminar speaker -  111F Koshland


Recurring meetings:

PMB will begin accepting recurring meeting requests on July 1 for the next academic semester (Fall 2021). All recurring meetings will be scheduled to end no later than December 31, 2021 and must be re-requested on a semester basis. 

To keep the rooms open for meeting use, PMB does not allow classes to be scheduled in the conference rooms unless there is an exceptional circumstance.  


Prioritizing meetings:

We hope that the annual reservation timeline will help us work out most potential time conflicts for regular meetings well in advance.  However, as conference room use is increasing, PMB will prioritize room requests in this order: 

  1. Department-wide meetings (examples: graduate recruitment/orientation, faculty recruitment, faculty meetings)
  2. Other meetings for PMB Department or CNR business (examples: lab meetings, staff meetings, office hours)
  3. Other meeting requests from outside groups, if and when these  are accepted.

Within this order, priority for scheduling meetings will be on a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to schedule meetings during a timeslot that is available.  However, it is possible that your meeting may be “bumped” by a higher priority meeting.  If this occurs, will we will reschedule you to another open conference room if one is available.