Alumni | Glass Lab

Postdoc | Grigoriev Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher | Krasileva Lab
Evolution of effector triggered plant immunity

Postdoc | Niyogi Lab

Postdoc | Niyogi Lab

Postdoc | Scheller Lab

Postdoc | Staskawicz Lab

Postdoc | Glaunsinger Lab

Postdoc | Lindow Lab

Postdoc | Portnoy Lab
Monika Fischer

Postdoc | Traxler Lab
Chemical Ecology of Fire-Adapted Fungi
Jennifer Frost

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Fischer Lab
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Postdoc | Scheller Lab
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Postdoc | Taga Lab
Quantitative Biology

Postdoctoral Research Scholar | Melis Lab

Postdoc | Taga Lab
Bacterial nutritional interactions
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Postdoctoral Scholar | Taga Lab
Evolution of corrinoid biosynthesis and metabolism
Srinidhi Holalu

Assistant Project Scientist | Blackman Lab
Zhiqiang Hu

Project Scientist | Brenner Lab

Researcher | Melis Lab

Postdoc | Specht Lab

Research Scientist | Niyogi Lab
Investigating dynamics of photosynthetic light harvesting

Post Doctoral Fellow | Banfield Lab

Postdoc | Gu Lab

Research Specialist | Feldman Lab

Postdoc | Niyogi Lab

Postdoc | Terry Lab

Postdoc | Krasileva Lab

Postdoc | Glaunsinger Lab

Lab Manager | Krasileva Lab

Postdoc | Zilberman Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher
Nutritional copper signaling in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Postdoc | Glass Lab

Postdoc | Glaunsinger Lab

Postdoc | Lindow Lab

Post-doctoral Researcher | Staskawicz

Postdoc | Glaunsinger Lab

Postdoc | Blackman Lab

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow | Merchant Lab

Postdoc | Seed Lab

Postdoc | Krasileva Lab
Tiancong Qi

Postdoc | Staskawicz Lab

Lab Manager | Terry Lab
Plant Ecophysiology
Jutta Roesler

Postdoc | Quail Lab
Phytochrome signal transduction

Research Biologist
dynamics and regulation of photosynthesis and metabolism

Post-doctoral Researcher | Staskawicz Lab

Postdoc | Fletcher Lab

Assistant Project Scientist | Wildermuth Lab

Postdoc | Luan Lab

Postdoc | Gu Lab
Jernej Turnšek

Postdoctoral Associate | Niyogi Lab
Phytoplankton Biomineralization

Post-doctoral Researcher | Melis Lab

Postdoc | Shih Lab