Equity in Action

These opportunities for edification and our commitment to bettering the scientific community inspire our members’ work to dismantle the oppressive structures at the root of inequities. Our PMB community members dedicate themselves to equity through a range of activities. Find out more about some of the organizations in PMB, UC Berkeley, and in the larger community that our department members participate in listed below:

Be a Scientist - A developing program for seventh graders to "be a scientist." Graduates will be visiting schools for once a week for five weeks to help seventh graders develop and answer questions, identify controls, etc. Get 7th graders excited about science and engineering! Graduate students and postdocs mentor 7th graders through designing and conducting their own science investigations over 6 weeks. 

BASIS - Bay Area Science in Schools puts scientists (mainly graduate students) into elementary school classes in the Bay Area to teach curriculum relevant science lessons organized around the scientific method. Volunteer with PMBers in pre-organized lesson plans to elementary schools. We have 4 lessons that use games and hands on materials to learn science. For each lesson are emails of contact people below, if you are interested in helping. BASIS is great if you want to work with kids and have minimal time commitment (or you can always do more).

Mentorship in the Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office

The CLEAR Project -  undergrad, grad and postdoctoral members from numerous departments at UC Berkeley participate in community events with PMB Cooperative Extension Specialist Peggy Lemaux to find more effective ways to communicate information, grounded in scientific evidence, about agriculture, food and science in general.  

Earth Action Initiative

Future Advancers of Science and Technology

Mentorship in the Getting into Graduate School (GiGS) program

National Court Appointed Special Advocate

NIH Bridges 2 Baccalaureate

UAW 2865: UC Student Union

PMB Departmental #diversity-equity-inclusion Slack channel is a designated space for organizing, sharing resources, voicing concerns and suggestions around diversity, equity, and inclusion within and beyond our department. PMB members may email pmbdesk@berkeley.edu  for an invitation to join.