Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Notice – Policies and resources for the campus community on the COVID-19 global pandemic, including necessary health and safety precautions and how to obtain more information from health care providers, state health authorities, and the CDC's COVID-19 web site

PMB News

Volunteers launch pandemic aid initiative

Researcher Christopher Gee making masks
Researchers, faculty, and students formed the Common Humanity Collective, a group distributing hand sanitizer and masks to vulnerable communities.

The Climate-COVID Connection

Graphic showing masked people, globe, and coronaviruses
In Breakthroughs magazine, postdoctoral fellow Cara Brook discusses the linkages between zoonotic diseases and habitat loss.

Why I do Science

Portrait of Kathleen Ryan
In Breakthroughs magazine, associate professor Kathleen Ryan discusses her career path and interest in bacteria research.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

PMB 30th Anniversary - Special Event Series

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Department News

Barbara Alonso
After over 25 years working in PMB, Jan. 15 is Barbara Alonso’s last day before taking a position at UCSF working with Adithya Cattamanchi on his tuberculosis project. All who knew and worked with her are thankful for all she did for the people with whom she worked! Good luck...