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PMB at Cal Day April 16, 2016

Magic show, micro garden, microbiology and more

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Brenner Named Fellow of Scientific Society

Steven Brenner

Significant contributions to the field of computational biology


How Bacteria get their Magnetic Compass

An inactivated protein, MamO (lower left), shepherds iron atoms directly to the growing magnetite crystal (red), which forms inside a membrane compartment (blue). The yellow filaments are proteins that organize the crystals into chains in the cell. The ch

Building mini magnets to navigate their environment


Climate Change Is Leaving Native Plants Behind

A manzanita specimen from 1936 housed at the University and Jepson Herbaria at the University of California, Berkeley. Credit: John Upton/Climate Central

New Study from the University and Jepson Herbaria


Mentoring Opportunity for Cal Undergrads

undergrad in the lab

Apply now for summer research


Glaunsinger Lab Investigates Cell Early Warning System

Sine Figure

What is the role of “jumping genes”?


John D. Coates' Solution to Provide Oxygen on Mars

coates in lab

NASA goal to send humans to the red planet


Our New Web Site

Welcome to our new website. We hope you like what you see. Our new site is of responsive design, meaning it will automatically size to any device - tablet, phone or desktop computer. The mobile navigation should make it easy for you to find what's important.

Rachel Brem: Understanding Evolutionary Genetics

Unraveling the mystery of ancient traits


Glaunsinger Lab Investigates Cell Early Warning System

What is the role of “jumping genes”?