Physiology and Biochemistry

Professor Emeritus
Redox Regulation, Cereal Improvement
Picture of Karine Gibbs, photograph by Adam Sings in the Timber

Associate Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Identity in social bacteria

Assistant Professor
Plant Immunity and Cell Biology
Peggy G. Lemaux

Professor of Cooperative Extension
Crop Genetic Improvement via Engineering and Editing
Sheng Luan

Chancellor's Professor and Chair, Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
Plant Responses to the Environment

Assistant Professor
Lanthanide-biochemistry and metabolism. Microbial Physiology, Metabolic Engineering, Plant-microbe interactions, bioremediation and biometallurgy
Professor Anastasios Melis

The Kase / Tsujimoto Distinguished Professor of Plant & Microbial Biology
Photosynthesis, Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Bioenergy Research

Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology
Krishna K. Niyogi

Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology
Regulation of Photosynthesis and Photoprotection
Peter Quail

Professor Emeritus
Light Signaling in Plants, Solar Energy Capture Optimization
Henrik Vibe Scheller

Adjunct Professor
Renewable Energy, Plant Cell Walls

Assistant Professor
Synthetic Biology, Plant Metabolism, Microbial Evolution
Michi Taga

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Microbial Nutritional Interactions
Matt Traxler

Associate Professor
Bacterial interspecies interactions and specialized metabolism
Mary C. Wildermuth, Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Plant-Microbe Interactions