Harry Y. Tsujimoto

A graduate of Cornell, Harry Y. Tsujimoto received his M.S. degree with the late Professor Daniel Arnon and worked closely with him for the next 30 years. He served as a research scientist, technical resource person and mentor to newcomers in the laboratory. He is an author and co-author of many papers published by the Arnon group. In addition to embodying the highest of standards, the Tsujimoto Lecture recognizes someone who exerted a major influence on the field of plant biology or microbiology. Speakers are selected by graduate students in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology.   Learn more about Harry Tsujimoto and Grace Kase and their lasting impact on PMB.


The Tsujimoto Endowed Lecturers
2001 Christine Foyer
2002 Jen Sheen
2002 Kelly Dawe
2003 Rob Martienssen
2004 Massimo Pigliucci
2005 Luca Comai
2007 Craig Pikaard
2007 Brandon Gaut
2009 Elizabeth Arnold
2010 Mary Rumpho
2010 Nicolas Money
2011 Patrick Keeling
2012 Joseph Thornton
2013 Kristin Bilyeu
2014 Joseph P. Noel
2015 Rusty Rodriguez
2016 Benjamin Wolfe
2017 Maria Harrison
2018 Noah Fierer
2019 Christoph Benning 
2020 Tim van Opijnen
2021 Joyce Van Eck
2022 Emily Balskus
2023 Andrew Leaky


Upcoming Tsujimoto Endowed Lectures

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Past Tsujimoto Endowed Lectures