Video of College of Natural Resources Outstanding Contributions Awards

May 01, 2012

Featuring Prof. Steve Lindow, Donor and Graduate Li Chu, Denise Schichnes, Ph.D.

CNR Outstanding Contributions Awards - see the video on YouTube of the Awards Ceremony

College of Natural Resources Dean J. Keith Gilless announced three prestigious awards for contributors, faculty and staff who have made outstanding contributions to the College of Natural Resources and the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Steven Lindow, Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology: Career Achievement Award honoring a professor or specialist who has provided distinguished service as an educator and scholar over the course of their career.
  • Denise Schichnes, College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility: Staff Recognition Award honoring staff for outstanding and noteworthy service.
  • Li Chu, ’67 MS College of Natural Resources and UC Berkeley Foundation trustee: CNR Citation honoring an external supporter who has made extraordinary contributions to the College of Natural Resources.

Steve Lindow

Steven E. LindowPlant & Microbial Biology Professor Steve Lindow is an amazing researcher and inspired instructor. Lindow uses molecular genetic and ecological approaches to study how epiphytic bacteria interact with other microorganisms on plants and has made critical and important discoveries in the area of plant and microbial biology throughout his career. He also exemplifies public service through community activities and outreach and has an active lab at Koshland Hall.

"Professor Steven Lindow is being awarded the CNR Career Achievement Award for his seminal discovery that epiphytic bacteria produce “ice nucleation proteins” that elicit frost damage in plants," said Robert Fischer, chair of the department of Plant & Microbial Biology. "His demonstration that frost damage can be alleviated by applying bacteria lacking ice nucleation genes is a major achievement and has contributed greatly to increasing crop productivity in California. Other research on mechanisms resulting in “russeting” diseases of fruits has also led to major advances in understanding disease etiology and practical agricultural solutions. An elected member of the National Academy of Sciences for his research accomplishments, Lindow is also one of the most highly acclaimed teachers in CNR. He has given extensive University, national and international service that exemplifies the highest professional standards."

Students rave about his teaching. Some recent student comments:

"Possibly the best class I took at Berkeley; Lindow is a great professor-really nice, approachable, funny; Professor Lindow is wonderful... He knows a lot and creates a nice environment for learning."

Lindow earned his Bachelor of Science in Botany at Oregon State and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Read more about Steve Lindow's research at his web page,

Denise Schichnes

Denise Schichnes, Ph.D.Denise Schichnes, Ph.D., is staff scientist at the College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility, an interdisciplinary core facility at UC Berkeley's Department of Plant and Microbial Biology in the College of Natural Resources. The Facility functions as an instructional and research laboratory for all aspects of modern biological light microscopy, including confocal and deconvolution microscopy, computer image processing and analysis, and most microscopical techniques for developmental and cell biology.

"Dr. Schichnes is the winner of the CNR Annual Staff Recognition Award because of her unfailing dedication to the Biological Imaging Facility and its many clients, and to the CNR community as a whole," said Dr. Steve Ruzin, director of the Facility. "Denise has shown exemplary commitment to the training, outreach, and research mission of the Facility and the College through her 15 years of service. Time and again she has shown an extraordinary level of care and service to the clients of the BIF, and continues to do so on a daily basis.

"Through Denise’s instrument training sessions, literally thousands of students have learned valuable and practical aspects of microscopy and microscope imaging. She continues this level of service day in and day out, maintaining a high level of excellence in microscope-related teaching in the BIF. Denise imparts a solid foundation of expertise and accessibility found in the BIF, she is always ready to help anyone requiring more attention, and never says “no” to anyone should they ask for help, retraining, consultation on scientific matters, or just scientific questions. To a great extent, the BIF enjoys its reputation as the premier microscope facility at UCB through the dedication of Dr. Denise Schichnes," Ruzin said.

At the Facility, graduate and postdoctoral students can be trained in microscope research techniques including advanced light microscopy, confocal and deconvolution microscopy, digital image processing of microscope images, and related laboratory techniques. Computer image processing and analysis is taught individually. Microscopy is taught in Ruzin's class Techniques in Light Microscopy. In addition, the Facility offers an annual workshop in Plant & Animal Microtechnique designed to train the student in modern and classical methods in preparing microscope slides.

Li Chu

 Li Chu, alumni of the Class of ’67, College of Natural Resources, and a Foundation trustee for the University of California, Berkeley, was awarded a Citation honoring an external supporter who has made extraordinary contributions to the College of Natural Resources.

The awards were announced by J. Keith Gilless, Dean of the College.

An awards ceremony and reception was held Tuesday, April 24, at Alumni House on campus.