Niyogi Elected Fellow of AAAS

December 16, 2016

Professor Kris Niyogi honored for his distinguished efforts to advance science and its applications

Excerpted from an article by Robert Sanders, UCB Media Relations

Krishna NiyogiKris Niyogi, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, Professor and chair of Plant & Microbial biology and faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab, was cited for “pioneering investigation of the regulation of photosynthesis and mechanisms of photoprotection in plants and algae.” Niyogi and his colleagues recently re-engineered a plant to use sunlight more efficiently, boosting yields by 20 percent.

The Niyogi Lab studies photosynthetic energy conversion and its regulation in algae and plants. Niyogi's long-term research goals include understanding how photosynthetic energy conversion works, how it is regulated and how it might be improved to help meet the world's needs for food and fuel.