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Starving Out the Enemy

Mary Wildermuth's research combats mildew attacks

A Win-Win for Farmers and the Environment

PMB Researchers explore ways to reduce the use of fertilizers

UC Berkeley launches pop-up lab to monitor Bay Area sewage for COVID-19

Plant & Microbial Biology graduate students and an Energy & Resources Group alumna are involved in the project.

Fall 2020 Incoming Faculty

Aerial photo of Wellman Hall
The Department of Plant and Microbial Biology welcomes four exceptional faculty members this semester.

Five Key Lessons

Lessons from professor Patricia Zambryski's class The Secret Life of Plants were featured in Breakthroughs Magazine.

Grains for Change

Photo of Peggy Lemaux.
Cooperative Extension specialist Peggy Lemaux researches novel ways to make crops more climate resilient.

Sheng Luan receives the Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists Award

Luan was recognized for his outstanding research and outreach.

Ksenia Krasileva selected as a Moore Inventor Fellow

Krasivela wearing a suit, standing in front of a room with wood panels
Professor Krasileva was recognized as a scientist-inventor by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Student Spotlight: Neem Patel

Neem Patel standing in front of a large tree.
In this month’s Student Spotlight, graduate student Neem Patel tells us about setting forest fires, the importance of community in science, and her hope to have a career in an environmentally-focused industry.

X-rays of ancient sunflowers reveal their domestication roots

PMB professor Benjamin Blackman researches sunflower history in collaboration with Michigan State University.