College of Natural Resources Honors Research Symposium

May 06, 2016

Top students present their year-long research projects

From left to right, Deborah Yang, Professor Tasios Melis, Advisor Elizabeth Storer, and Christian Irian (Photo by Mei Mei)More than 30 qualifying undergraduate students from eight majors in the College of Natural Resources gave presentations at 114 Morgan Hall on May 5-6, 2016.

The two-day event showcased results from the students' respective research, with topics ranging from water availability in the Central Valley of California to characterization of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. The event was organized and moderated by Professor Tasios Melis of the Plant & Microbial Biology department, with assistance by Elizabeth Storer, CNR Dean's Office of Student Affairs.

Professor Tasios Melis and Manraj Sekhon (Photo by Mei Mei)


Cherry Liu, NST-PM; Nutrient Modulation of Inflammatory Response by the Neurolymphocrine System; CNR Faculty Mentor: Greg Aponte

Judith Skye Glenn, MEB; Population analysis of Taricha torosa across human modified landscapes in northern California; CNR Faculty Mentor: Ian Wang

Christian Cabuslay, MEB; Localization of Three Gene Duplicates of Moss EMF2 with GFP; CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Specht

Lynn Ly, GPB; Redundancy Post Gene Duplication in Moss EMF2; CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Specht

Noah Gardner, GPB; Modulation of Plant Innate Immunity through DCL4-Dependent miRNAs; CNR Faculty Mentor: Barbara Baker

Brittni Bertolet, ES; Lake TEA: Changing Dynamics of Terrestrially-Derived Dissolved Organic Carbon in Lakes of Northern Wisconsin; CNR Faculty Mentor: John Battles

Hannah Hagen, ES; Improving Simulation of Stratocumulus Clouds; CNR Faculty Mentor: Patina Mendez

Lindsey Agnew, ES; The Role of Environmental and Evolutionary History on California Fern Leaf Morphology; CNR Faculty Mentor: Patina Mendez

Hannah Nguyen, CRS; Maritime Testing and Degradation of Mycelium Composite Materials: The Ganoderma lucidum Buoy; CNR Faculty Mentor: Tom Bruns

Dakota Glueck, CRS; Weed Suppression Effects of Fava Bean Cover Cropping; CNR Faculty Mentor: Miguel Altieri

Lawrence Bai, MB; CRISPR Immunological Memory Requires a Host Factor for Specificity; CNR Faculty Mentor: Arash Komeili

Tianxia (Margaret) Xiao, MT/EEP; Progress in Synthesis of Cyclic Oxaphosphetane as a Proposed BChE Inhibitor; CNR Faculty Mentor: John Casida

Samuel Terrell, S&E;Mountain Lion Hunting in California: An Examination of Policy and Practice; CNR Faculty Mentor: Rachel Morello-Frosch

Kunihiko Chen, MT; Screening and Production of Antibodies Against Outer-Membrane Bacterial Components For the Development of a Rapid Diagnostic Platform to Detect and Differentiate Multidrug Resistant Strains; CNR Faculty Mentor: Dale Leitman

Madelyn Kring, NST-PM; Vitamin A Metabolism in Brown Adipose Tissue Function; CNR Faculty Mentor: Joseph Napoli

Myeongcheol (Mitch) Kim, NST-PM; The Significance of RDH10 in Regulating Bone Marrow Adiposity; CNR Faculty Mentor: Joseph Napoli\

Deborah Yang, ES; Hedging our Bets on Urban Agriculture - A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the UC Gill Tract Community Farm; CNR Faculty Mentor: Abigail Cochran

Shiqiao (Tyler) Yan, ES; Greener, at What Cost? A Holistic Evaluation of Alternatives in China’s Energy Dispatch Policy Reform; CNR Faculty Mentor: Patina Mendez

Jordan Cheng, ES; Chasing the Tesla Standard: Projecting Mass Market Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption; CNR Faculty Mentor: Kurt Spreyer

Hillary Buntara, ES/EEP; Infrastructure Interdependency: A Jakarta, Indonesia Case Study; CNR Faculty Mentor: Kurt Spreyer

Manraj Sekhon, MB; Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Isolates from Health Clinics; CNR Faculty Mentor: Lee Riley

Karina Soenjoyo, MB; Crispr-based Analysis of Enterococcus faecalis Populations; CNR Faculty Mentor: Jillian Banfield

Christian Irian, MEB; Put on the Red Light: Does Enrichment E ect Tuco-Tuco (Ctenomys Sociabilis) Behavior?; CNR Faculty Mentor: Eileen Lacey

Andrea Rios Dominguez, MEB; Urbanization and Water Availability: Drivers of Avian Community Structure in the Central Valley; CNR Faculty Mentor: Steve Beissinger

Julia Tubert, S&E; Affordability of a Healthy Diet on a SNAP Budget in Berkeley; CNR Faculty Mentor: Kathryn DeMaster

Allison Loux, S&E; Aguas Privadas: Community Involvement Surrounding Natural Resource Extraction in Chile; CNR Faculty Mentor: Kate O’Neill

Juliana Wu, MEB; Optimizing Nutrient Interactions in a Broccoli-Fava Intercropping System; CNR Faculty Mentor: Celine Pallud

Madeleine Siegel, CRS; Lead Contamination and the Cultivation of Soil Health in Urban Agriculture; CNR Faculty Mentor: Celine Pallud

Gawain Kessner, CRS; THIMBY- Net Zero Tiny Home At Berkeley’s New Global Campus; CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela

Daniel Desantiago, CRS; Effects of Religious Cultural Beliefs on the Hmong Relationship with the Environment: A Comparative Study of Traditional & Christianized Hmong in Thailand & California; CNR Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Sowerwine

Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton, CRS; Marginal Inscriptions: Liu Zongyuan’s South China Planting Poems; CNR Faculty Mentor: Paula Varsano



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