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Gene found to impact drought and heat stress adaptation in plants

An electron micrograph of the protoxylem in maize

A mechanism that promotes vascular function in maize was discovered by Plant Gene Expression...

2020 PMB Faculty Retirements

Headshots of Patricia Zambryski and Norman Terry.
Rausser College congratulates professors Norman Terry and Patricia Zambryski on their retirement.

Megaphages harbor mini-Cas proteins ideal for gene editing

In the article, graduate student Basem Al-Shayeb comments on the discovery of the new proteins.

Career Snapshot: Conversation with Edgar Moctezuma

Edgar Moctezuma at SACNAS UMD Chapter presentation
Moctezuma, an instructor at the University of Maryland, received his PhD from the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology.

Investigation into fungi food choices yields crucial insights

Neurospora fungus growing on dead wood at a controlled burn site in North Carolina.
Professor Louise Glass' Berkeley Lab team makes discoveries into fungi nutrient recycling, with implications for bio-based product production.

Researchers map nuclear membrane proteome in plants

Microscopic photo of red and green fluorescent protein labels on nuclear envelope
Assistant professor Yangnan Gu publishes two studies in Nature that offer crucial insight into plant proteins.

Professor emerita receives Scheiber Emeriti Faculty Research Grant

Photo of Zinmay Renee Sung.
In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Women at Cal, professor emerita Zinmay Renee Sung was granted the inaugural award.

New coronavirus video explains molecular virology

Graphic of SARS coronavirus
Professor Britt Glaunsinger discusses the genetics, evolution, and virulence of coronaviruses.

Professor Sabeeha Merchant receives Moore Foundation Investigator Award

Portrait of Sabeeha Merchant
The award supports highly innovative research with the potential to advance the understanding of aquatic symbioses.

Mary Wildermuth's outreach program receives Campus-Community Partnership Award

Portrait of Mary Wildermuth in her lab with plants
The "Be A Scientist" program brings Berkeley researchers into public schools to strengthen science curriculum and mentor students.