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Drought treatment restructures plants’ microbiomes

A field of sorghum plants
New research examines drought tolerance in sorghum—a finding that could help scientists develop crops that are more resistant to climate change.

Brewing hoppy beer without the hops

Researchers, including PhD candidate Rachel Li and adjunct professor Henrik Scheller, have created strains of brewer's yeast that produce a hoppy flavor without the use of hops.

Scientists engineer crops to conserve water, resist drought

Green seedlings grow in a field
Researchers have improved how crops use water by altering the expression of a gene found in all plants.

New research identifies plant “sunscreen” protein

New research from Krishna Niyogi sheds light on plant photoprotection mechanisms.

Microorganism in East Bay sludge reveals new CO2 fixation pathway

Israel Figueroa
PMB scientists have identified the first natural example of a pathway for carbon dioxide fixation previously thought to be only synthetically derived.

Matthew Traxler named 2017 Hellman Fellow

Headshot of Matt F. Traxler
The Hellman Fellows Program supports junior faculty research on the ten UC system campuses and at four private institutions.

NSF funds $3.4 million grant to improve maize crops

field of maize
Sarah Hake and researchers from the Danforth Science Center have been awarded a $3.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Alumni Making Headlines!

Three Cal Scientists Shift Focus from Biofuels to Prebiotics; by Glen Martin...

Virginia Tartaglio Named ASPB Conviro Scholar

This award program is open to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students studying plant...

Researchers identify gene that made corn edible

Close up of corn and teointe plants
PMB scientists locate the gene that played a critical role in domesticating corn.