The department hosts a number of seminars throughout the year, offering talks on current research by national and international visitors, faculty, students and post docs.
In addition, we feature five Endowed Lectures annually: Kustu, Arnon, Buchanan, Taylor-White and Tsujimoto.
Please go to the links below for the schedule and information about each seminar.


All events are ADA accessible. For disability accommodation requests and information, please contact Disability Access Services by phone at 510.643.6456 (voice) or 510.642.6376 (TTY) or by email at

Plant Gene Expression Center (PGEC) Seminars

The Plant Gene Expression Center hosts seminars throughout the year. The schedule can be found at the PGEC website.

Other Seminars on Campus

Fall 2017

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All seminars take place in 101 Barker Hall from noon to 1 pm.

(M) = Micro
(P) = Plant

Fall Spring Seminar Poster




8/30 (M)

Moriah Szpara | Pennsylvania State University
"Taking stock: the impacts of genetic diversity for herpes simplex virus (HSV)"

Britt Glaunsinger

9/6 (P)

Buchanan Endowed Lecture

Yannick Jacob | Yale University
"Regulation of Chromatin Replication by Histone Variants"
Reception to Follow in 338 Koshland

PMB Postdoctoral Scholars

9/13 (M)

Derek Walsh | Northwestern University
"Mimicry of plant ribosomes and translational control mechanisms by mammalian poxviruses"

Britt Glaunsinger

9/20 (M)

David Pride | UC San Diego
"Role of viruses in the microbiome"

Kim Seed

9/27 (P)

Keiko Torii | University of Washington
"Breaking the Silence - Chemical & Synthetic Approaches for Plant Developmental Biology"

Jennifer Fletcher
10/4 (M)

Kari Seagraves | Syracuse University
"Cheating, community context, and coevolution in the yucca-yucca moth mutualism"

Tom Bruns
10/11 (M)Beronda Montgomery | Michigan State University
“Seeing The Light: Color Vision and Photoacclimation in Cyanobacteria”
Michi Taga
10/18 (M)

Ulrich Kuck | Ruhr-Universität Bochum
"STRIPAK, a conserved eukaryotic signaling complex, controls fungal cellular development"

Louise Glass
10/25 (P)Manish Raizada | University of Guelph
"In an immobile plant cell world, mobile endophytic microbes can seek, stop and destroy invading pathogens"
11/1 (M)

Tsujimoto Endowed Lecture

Maria Harrison | Cornell University
"Reprogramming root cells for AM symbiosis"
Reception to Follow in 338 Koshland

PMB Graduate Students
11/8 (P)Silke Robatzek | the Sainsbury Laboratory
"Cellular basis of immunity"
Jenn Lewis
11/15 (P)Arash Komeili | University of California, Berkeley
"Molecular Mechanisms of Organelle Formation in Bacteria"
PMB Chairs
11/29 (P)Ronan O'Malley | Joint Genome Institute
Peggy Lemaux
12/6 (M) 

Kustu Endowed Lecture

Christine Jacobs Wagner | Yale University 
Reception to Follow in 338 Koshland

Kustu Committee