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Postdocs at PMB

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Postdoctoral scholars at PMB enjoy a rich and diverse working and research environment, along with extensive support from the greater university community. There are more than 100 postdocs in the department.

According to a recent survey of our postdocs, 46% of the respondents are from Europe, 30% from the U.S., 18% from Asia and 6% from Central and South America.

In addition to research, some postdocs also contribute to mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students, participate in teaching and outreach activities and help with lab management.


Additional Resources

Data Storage Capability for UC Berkeley - UC Berkeley now offers a number of expanded storage options for faculty, studnest, and staff that greatly improve and enlarge your options for online collaboration, communication, and collection of data. Learn more at: ipmb.berkeley.edu/data-storage-box-google-bcourses

Berkeley Postdoctoral Enterpreneur Program (BPEP) aims to foster entrepreneurship in the UC Berkeley postdoctoral and graduate community. They provide tools for fostering entrepreneurship and host frequent seminars on a variety of topics related to moving research innovations into the marketplace. Learn more at: bpep.berkeley.edu

The Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP) arranges visits to companies to showcase their organization, atmosphere and employees. PIEP also holds workshops and seminars to provide more information on career opportunities across different industries. Learn more at piep.berkeley.edu

Beyond Academia - Beyond Academia is a career education conference that exposes UC Berkeley PhD students and postdocs to career options outside of academia. Panels on a variety of career tracks give attendees the opportunity to interact with successful and creative professionals, while workshops and networking events allow for discussion in an informal setting. Learn more at beyondacademia.org

Careers for Life Science - Each Spring semester there is a weekly 2 hour evening seminar on a variety of careers for PhDs in the Life Sciences organized by graduate students in the MCB department. Learn more at mcb.berkeley.edu

Science Leadership and Management (SLAM) is a seminar series focused on understanding the many interpersonal interactions critical for success in a scientific lab, as well as some practical aspects of lab management. While not specifically focused on non-academic careers, the skills that are discussed in SLAM seminars will be applicable to a variety of career paths. Learn more here: qb3.berkeley.edu/qb3/slam.cfm.




Post-doc advisors are available for one-on-one meetings and can advise postdocs regarding career development, research and more. In addition, a large group of PMB professors are on call if a postdoc wants to meet with another professor.


Adjunct Professor Sheila McCormick - sheilamc@berkeley.edu


Professor N. Louise Glass - lglass@berkeley.edu