Undergrad Researcher Robert De Gregorio - Queena Xu PhotographyOur Microbiology academic programs and research are outstanding. We draw on the fields of biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, pathogenesis, ecology and evolution and more. 

We are highly collaborative and our faculty engages in research with other scientists in the Bay Area, throughout the nation and the world. 

In our academic programs we provide each student with a breadth of understanding of microbial biology from the molecular to the cellular levels of organization; and the interactions of microbes, both beneficial and pathogenic, with other organisms.

We also manage the Graduate Group in Microbiology, an interdisciplinary approach that reaches across the UC Berkeley campus in collaboration with experts in a wide variety of fields. We provide access to these diverse disciplines through an integrated program of study oriented toward each student's interests. 

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