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Plant Gene Expression Center

The Plant Gene Expression Center is a unique collaboration between Plant & Microbial Biology and the US Department of Agriculture.

The Center conducts fundamental research in plant molecular biology. Principal Investigators are elucidating the signal transduction pathways responsible for the perception of environmental and cellular cues. Research programs include disease resistance, light perception, the circadian clock, vegetative growth, and reproduction. Essential genes and the networks within which they operate are elucidated using molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches

PGEC researchers are members of the PMB department and research opportunities are available in PGEC labs for graduate and undergraduate students.

Research Interests

Barbara Baker - Disease resistance and potato genomicsMichael Lewis

Jennifer Fletcher - Arabidopsis shoot meristem development

Sarah Hake - Genetic analysis of growth and development

Frank Harmon - Molecular mechanism of plant circadian clocks

Jennifer D. Lewis - Innate immunity in plants

Sheila McCormick - The wonderful world of plant reproduction

Peter Quail - Light perception

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The PGEC is located at 800 Buchanan St., Albany CA, 94710, in the USDA building: pgec.berkeley.edu/directions

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