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Karyn Houston managed communications for the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley through August, 2016. Suggestions, comments and/or feedback are always welcome. Contact Theresa Ahearn at ahearnt@berkeley.edu


Our Flagship site: pmb.berkeley.edu      

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/berkeleypmb/?fref=ts Friend us!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PMB_Berkeley Tweet us at @PMB_Berkeley

iPMB: http://ipmb.berkeley.edu Administrative Services for the Department

PGEC pgec.berkeley.edu Plant Gene Expression Center 

Lab Sites

Barbara Baker: bakerlab.berkeley.edu

John D. Coates: coateslab.berkeley.edu

Robert Fischer: fischerlab.berkeley.edu

N. Louise Glass: glasslab.berkeley.edu

Britt A. Glaunsinger: glaunsingerlab.berkeley.edu

Frank Harmon: harmonlab.berkeley.edu

Jennifer Lewis: lewislab.berkeley.edu

Krishna Niyogi: niyogilab.berkeley.edu

Kathleen Ryan: ryanlab.berkeley.edu

Shauna Sommerville: ssomerville.berkeley.edu

Chelsea Specht: spechtlab.berkeley.edu

Brian J. Staskawicz: staskawiczlab.berkeley.edu

Michi Taga: tagalab.berkeley.edu

John W. Taylor: taylorlab.berkeley.edu

Norman Terry: terrylab.berkeley.edu

Matthew Traxler: traxlerlab.berkeley.edu

Mary Wildermuth: wildermuthlab.berkeley.edu

Our Team

Ahearn, Theresa - department manager

Kallett, Rachel - department coordinator

Rivera, Lyn - graduate academic & student affairs advisor 

Former Team Members 

Prasnad, Sharfa- photographer, graphic designer and web master

Audish, Lisa - graphic designer and web master

Bayaraa, Namuun - graphic designer and web master

Dadacay, Kristian - photographer

Deionne, Sanders - Videographer

Galvez, David - photographer, graphic designer and web master

Maryott, Cory - photographer, graphic designer and web master

Mei, Mei - photographer, graphic designer and web master

Nguyen, Tay Van - web master

Parajon, Armand - newsletter and seminar digest editor 

Reaso, Jewel - photographer, graphic designer and web master

Xu, Queena - photographer, graphic designer and web master